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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closings


As the required documentation in any real estate closing has grown over the decades, the potential for problems has expanded as well. Whether you are buying or selling raw land or residential or commercial property, you are subject to many laws and regulations, all of which become represented by paperwork. Trying to understand the many documents in any transaction, generally written in “legalese” that only legal professionals know, is next to impossible for the average person.

Real estate transactions are extremely complex with unexpected legal issues that can arise to delay or even cancel the entire deal. Furthermore, without understanding the details of your transaction, future problems could emerge once it has concluded, resulting in new costs, time, and stress. Our goal is to help you avoid such issues or, if they surface unexpectedly, resolve them efficiently and effectively. 

At Revah Law, our legal team’s primary focus is on Florida real estate law and related issues. We bring insight and experience to your real estate closing so that you have the oversight of a professional helping you navigate the closing process. If you are involved in selling or purchasing real property in Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, or Broward County, you can have peace of mind knowing that our priority is to help make your transaction a success.

Contact Revah Law for Trusted Real Estate Closing Assistance in MiamiReach us online or at (888) 218-4125. Hablamos español. 

Our Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closing Representation

We represent homeowners, business owners, developers, other commercial property owners, lenders, and sellers of all real property in closings, pre-closing, and post-closing matters. 

As stated above, a wide range of problems or conflicts can occur in real estate closings, depending on the type of property involved and the terms of the sale. 

These can include but are not limited to:

  • Title issues: Problems discovered during the title search, such as property or IRS tax liens, mechanic’s liens, easements, or encumbrances, can cause delays or complications in the closing process.
  • Financing problems: The buyer may face difficulties obtaining mortgage approval or meeting the lender's conditions, leading to delays or a canceled transaction.
  • Appraisal discrepancies: If the property appraisal comes in lower than the agreed-upon purchase price, the lender may not approve the mortgage, requiring renegotiation or potentially causing the deal to fall through.
  • Inspection issues: A walk-through or a professional home inspection may reveal previously unknown defects or necessary repairs, leading to negotiations between the buyer and seller over who is responsible for addressing these issues.
  • Unwanted occupancy. The property may have unlawful occupants, such as squatters. Commercial properties may have unresolved tenant issues. 
  • Contingency complications: Many real estate contracts include contingencies, such as financing, inspection, or the sale of the buyer's current home. If these contingencies are not met within the specified time frame, the transaction may be delayed or terminated.
  • Legal compliance problems: Non-compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, such as zoning laws or building codes, can lead to delays or complications during the closing process.
  • Errors in the documentation: Mistakes in the preparation or execution of closing documents can cause delays and may even require the parties to re-sign documents or correct errors before the transaction can proceed.
  • Disagreements between parties: Disputes may arise between the buyer and seller over contract terms, costs, or responsibilities, potentially delaying the closing or causing the deal to fall apart.
  • Last-minute changes: Unexpected changes in circumstances, such as job loss, financial issues, or personal matters, can cause one or both parties to reconsider the transaction or request changes to the contract.
  • Delayed possession: If the seller is unable to vacate the property by the agreed-upon date, the buyer may be unable to take possession, leading to potential legal disputes or additional costs.

Proactive Solutions for Real Estate Closing Challenges in South Florida

At Revah Law, our mission is to make sure that unexpected issues do not arise before, during, or after the closing of your deal. Our team has substantial experience in representing both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial closings. Our assistance has helped many clients avoid unforeseen issues as well as resolve them, even on a last-minute basis. 

We thoroughly review all aspects of the transaction to see that your interests are protected in the language of the contracts and documentation. We can also communicate with the other party and/or their representative on your behalf to resolve any issues that could disrupt or delay the finalization of the deal. 

Should disputes arise in the pre-closing or post-closing of the transaction, we work diligently and with cost-effectiveness in mind to help resolve them promptly while bearing in mind your present and future interests, priorities, and satisfaction. 

We take a practical approach to resolving all disputes, at any stage of the transaction or post-transaction, through skilled negotiation or other out-of-court procedures. However, our trial lawyers can help you seek justice through litigation as needed. 



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