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Real Estate Litigation

Miami-Dade County Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Also Representing Clients in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Real estate disputes can involve a myriad of issues in residential and commercial property as well as raw land, development, and construction. At Revah Law, we are well-versed in Florida law and court procedures relating to all real estate transactions and matters. These are commonly complex matters and often call for legal skills that can balance aggressive litigation with practical solutions involving negotiation or arbitration as a more cost-effective path. 

Our attorneys are skilled in all the necessary abilities to resolve your litigation matter according to your needs and goals. We understand that every case involves unique situations and clients, each with individual priorities. That is why we approach your case with a strategy tailored to you. No matter the type of dispute you are involved in, we strive to bring you the results you need and desire with a game plan that is right for you. 

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Our Real Estate Litigation Services in Florida

We work tenaciously to help you resolve disputes and litigation in diverse areas, such as:

  • Foreclosure Defense. Whether you need legal counsel regarding a prospective foreclosure involving homeowner association/condos or from your lending institution, we can help. We can both bring foreclosure lawsuits on behalf of lenders as well as defend homeowners against foreclosure. These disputes call for the experience and knowledge of an attorney who can help you understand your rights, obligations, and available options.
  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainers. We can undertake the process of helping you remove tenants or occupants from your property through a proper and well-prepared legal process. 
  • Ejectments. This is a more complex process required to remove unlawful occupants of real property, such as “squatters.” We represent property owners in these matters. 
  • Code Violations. City and County code violations can be based on a variety of issues, from unpermitted construction allegations to unsafe structures, and more. Our team can help you resolve such violations related to vacant land, residential, and commercial properties.
  • Florida Partition ActionsThese generally involve disagreements between property co-owners as to the management, division, or sale of property. We represent property owners in seeking and defending these actions.
  • Quiet Title ActionsThese actions involve disputes between parties over the title or ownership of a property. Our firm can represent you in court to resolve these disputes, including those involving clouds on title.
  • Construction LitigationWhen disputes or conflicts occur in the context of construction projects, litigation may be required. We represent property owners, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and other parties in these legal cases.
  • Land Use Law and ZoningOur team is highly knowledgeable in Florida land use laws and zoning regulations in our region. We can represent you in any issues or disputes related to these matters.
  • Security Deposit LitigationWhen disputes arise between parties regarding who is entitled to retain deposits, we can thoroughly review lease terms and other matters related to the issue. We represent landlords and tenants in these disputes and litigation.
  • Escrow and Closing DisputesWe can provide representation in disputes involving contractual agreements for real estate transactions. We represent buyers, sellers, lenders, and other parties in resolving these matters.
  • Landlord/TenantDisputes between landlords and tenants commonly include rental or lease non-payment, violations of rental/lease agreements, renewals, or terminations as well as matters involving repairs and other issues.

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Disputes are common in matters related to real estate, whether between co-owners, landlords and tenants, neighbors, lenders and borrowers, and other parties involved in real property. At Revah Law, our professional experience can help you navigate the complexities of real estate law, protect your interests, and seek favorable outcomes through negotiation, other alternative dispute resolution methods, or in court. We are dedicated to your success. 


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    “I used this law firm to advise me on commercial closings and landlord-tenant law. These attorneys are knowledgeable and efficient.”
    - Bryan S.
    “I highly recommend their team to anyone looking for legal advice.”
    “Phil and his team were very professional and helped me throughout each step of the process. The case had a hearing that included the tenant in court. Phil was able to professionally state my case and quoted statutes that ended with a judgement in my favor.”
    - Brandon H.
    “We were immediately greeted by attorney Phil Revah who had a profound knowledge of landlord tenant law.”
    “Due to the lawyer’s efforts, we ended up settling the lawsuit and recovering possession of both eviction properties within 3 weeks of filing both cases.”
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